Sammy Wilson - Our future lies outside the EU

Sammy Wilson MP
Sammy Wilson MP

One of the DUP’s most senior MPs has given his support to the campaign to take Britain out of the European Union.

In a statement this morning. Sammy Wilson dismissed the significance of the reforms secured by David Cameron and said he was “convinced” that Britain’s future lies outside the EU.

British Prime Minister David Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron

The DUP has been hinting that it will be advocating voting to leave Europe, and Mr Wilson said the British people must “grasp” a “once in a lifetime opportunity” on referendum day.

“The scene is now set for the people of the UK to have their say about the restoration of democracy to our political system,” said Mr Wilson.

“If they make their decision on the basis of the so called reforms which the PM has secured to the EU then the decision should be easy because the fact is that the negotiations he has had have proved that the EU is unreformable and indeed its main members do not want reform in fact they want even greater political integration.

“The so-called brake on benefits is now to be delayed for four years and even then the EU will have a veto over its use. Does it matter if we have been given a foot brake or a handbrake or any other kind of brake when we don’t control it and don’t even want to be in the car anyhow!”

Mr Wilson outlined the potential benefits of life outside the EU.

“Over the next months I believe the British people will be convinced that our future lies outside the EU. We can retain the benefits of access to the EU market without paying billions for the privilege.

“We will be free to make our own deals with growing economies across the world unencumbered by other EU countries dictates. We will be able to make our own laws and control who comes into our country.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity we must grasp on referendum day.”