Search resumes for Jack Glenn

Searches are ongoing for 23-year-old Jack Glenn.
Searches are ongoing for 23-year-old Jack Glenn.

Searches have resumed this morning for a missing Londonderry man who went into the River Foyle on Thursday.

Hundreds of people were involved in searches along the banks of the Foyle over the weekend to find 23-year-old Jack Glenn after an appeal for help from his family.

Jack Glenn was a talented young cricketer.

Jack Glenn was a talented young cricketer.

Foyle Search and Rescue are leading the search efforts which resumed earlier today.

His family have thanked everyone in involved in the search for their help.

Relative Peter Tait said: “The family take great warmth from the response in horrendously sad circumstances.”

Jack’s sister, Katie Glenn, told the BBC: “We just want to thank everybody so, so much for all the support that they have given us,” Katie Glenn told the BBC.”

Police, meanwhile, have urged those involved “not to put their own safety at risk” and warned of the dangers of fast-flowing water.

Inspector Tony Moore said: “Police are aware of the strength of feeling around this missing persons enquiry and the great public support at this time is a testament to our city. While we appreciate the help we and our specialist partner agencies are being offered as we search the river, I would ask those members of the public to bear the following in mind.

“Specialist search experts are involved in this, they know the river and its currents and banks due to extensive training and experience.

“The banks of the Foyle are dangerous, just like the water, conditions change rapidly and if you are not properly equipped you could find yourself at risk. Most of the banks are reached via private property which you require permission to use, you should bear this in mind as it includes fields and laneways, you could be liable for any damage or injury to livestock on such property.”

Inspector Moore continued: “The River Foyle is tidal and also one of the fastest in Europe, if you are considering putting a vessel of any kind onto the water you should consider whether you are experienced enough to do so, and if you are, is your vessel equipped properly for search and rescue purposes. Again, there are expert search teams involved following established protocols, if you don’t really know what you are doing you may hinder the search and put yourself or others at risk. Also please bear in mind large commercial vessels using the Port of Londonderry which could put you at risk on the water.

“We have already had several incidents with persons traversing the railway lines to reach the riverside, on one occasion the Train Driver had to hit the emergency brakes to avoid persons on the track and this puts NIR staff, passengers and persons on the track at risk, please stay off the railway lines at all times.

“Whilst we appreciate this is a difficult time for everyone I would ask that the public allow us and our partner agencies to carry out this search and if you really want to help please liaise with the relevant rescue agencies and follow their instructions and do everything as safely as possible.”