Security alert at Coleraine graveyard continues

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A security alert at a Coleraine graveyard which began on Tuesday has continued into Wednesday morning.

Police said the security alert at a graveyard in the Laurel Hill Road area is still going on.

A spokesman said that no roads are closed and no houses have been evacuated.

The Army was summoned to the graveyard after the discovery of a suspicious item or items.

The cemetery adjoins St John’s Roman Catholic church in the town, and it is believed the discovery may have been made in a burial plot which was due to be used tomorrow.

The DUP mayor of the town George Duddy said that the incident began to unfold from around 5pm on Tuesday.

He said: “A grave digger was opening the grave with a mechanical digger, and noticed something suspicious as he was going his job”.

There is a rumour that the discovery was of two handguns – but this is only speculation.

Councillor Duddy understands that the plot was unused, and that the discovery was made only around one foot down into the earth.

He said: “The other side of this is that there’s a family sitting out there somewhere who were going to bury a loved-one in it tomorrow, not knowing what’s happening or whether that’s going to go ahead.”

He imagines that a wider search of the graveyard may have to be carried out.

“I’ve never come across anything like this before – not in this part of the world,” he said.