Senior Ulster Unionists avoid Orange disciplinary action

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ULSTER Unionists Tom Elliott and Danny Kennedy will not face disciplinary action from the Orange Order for attending the funeral Mass of a Roman Catholic police officer.

It is understood both senior politicians appeared before separate disciplinary panels in Lurgan last week.

The action was taken after a lodge in Sandy Row, Belfast claimed both men had “sold their principles for political expediency” by attending the funeral service of Constable Ronan Kerr in April.

Under Orange Order rules, brethren are forbidden from taking part in Catholic Mass.

Speaking to the BBC, UUP leader Mr Elliott said he hoped a line could now be drawn under the matter.

“The Orange Order have internal processes and procedures to go through and they have gone through those and, quite clearly, what I am hoping is that we can move on,” he said.

“That we can move on in a sense that what we did was right.”