Sex trade ‘was asked to join Amnesty and lobby internally’

Sex trade worker Douglas Fox
Sex trade worker Douglas Fox
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A leading sex trade figure who claims credit for Amnesty International’s new draft policy on legalised prostitution asked associates in 2008 to join the organisation in order to press for decriminalisation from within, he said.

Douglas Fox, of the International Union of Sex Workers (IUSW), is a sex worker whose civil partner runs an escort agency in England.

In 2008, he unsuccessfully proposed a resolution at the Amnesty UK AGM calling for backing for legalised prostitution. But in Saturday’s News Letter, he claimed credit for Amnesty’s new draft policy in favour of legalised prostitution, saying he started the internal debate and research.

Yesterday, he confirmed he wrote a report in 2008, telling his supporters that Amnesty’s internal “violence against women campaign group” was the key opposition to a legalisation policy, adding that he had “caused a rumpus” at their AGM stall.

He confirmed that in the 2008 report, he asked his supporters to join Amnesty and lobby this group from within.

“Getting Amnesty on side will be a huge boost to our morale... we need to pursue them mercilessly and get them on side,” he said.

However Amnesty responded yesterday that Fox has not been a member in some years and had “zero” input regarding their new draft policy on legalised prostitution.

His 2008 AGM resolution led to discussions in its global governing bodies, but was later dropped; the recent draft paper came out of a 2012 review at Amnesty’s International HQ, a spokesman added.