SF ‘mindset still the same’ despite McElduff resignation: Colin Worton

Colin Worton, the brother of Kingsmill massacre victim Kenneth Worton.  Picture: Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye
Colin Worton, the brother of Kingsmill massacre victim Kenneth Worton. Picture: Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye

The brother of a Protestant worker murdered by the IRA at Kingsmills has called on Sinn Fein to end the public “glorification of terrorism” following the resignation of Barry McElduff.

Colin Worton said that while he welcomed the West Tyrone MP’s standing down over ‘Kingsmill’ loaf Twitter video last week, Sinn Fein must do more to ease the pain of terror victims.

Kenneth Worton was one of ten Protestant workmen gunned down at the roadside near the south Armagh village in January 1976.

Colin Worton said the public outcry led to Monday’s resignation announcement.

“Sinn Fein haven’t changed that much. I still think they have the same mindset behind closed doors. I think they moved against [Mr McElduff] because of public opinion, not because of the their own opinions on what he did,” he said.

“If you take the leader [Michelle O’Neill} for example, she still glorifies [IRA] terrorists who killed people.

“Until that stops, we are not going to be able to move forward at all. If [republicans] want to commemorate their loves ones, they should do it behind closed doors. Loyalists need to stop [the glorification] as well. The glorification of terrorism just rubs our noses in it all over again.”

Mr Worton said the past week has been “very difficult” for his family.

“It is always difficult around the anniversary but this year it has lasted and lingered longer. It has been day and daily pressure. My elderly mother is also feeling under pressure. It does bring it all back,” he said.

Meanwhile, South Armagh victims campaigner Willie Frazer, who has supported the Kingsmills families’ quest for justice, said: “I welcome Mr McElduff’s resignation we will take it as a recognition of his guilt. I am however disappointed that he didn’t take the opportunity to do so sooner, he could have saved the families a week of great hurt, and unnecessary media attention.”

Mr Frazer added: “Undoubtedly the mask slipped...as was the level of public outrage he was left with no option.”