Shock after drugs found outside primary school

The drugs found near the primary school
The drugs found near the primary school
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An appeal has been made for information after a shocked parent found drugs on a pathway lose to a primary school.

A post on PSNI Craigavon Facebook page reads: "Yesterday, this was found on a path beside St Anthony's Primary School and Legahory shops in Craigavon by a parent.

The drugs found

The drugs found

"Thankfully, she was able to keep it secure and hand it over to us before a child took it."

The post adds that PSNI have carried out their "basic field tests on it, and it's not matching any of the usual suspects".

"This raises 2 possibilities: 1) Someone in the area has a strange way of storing their lemon zest. 2) Drug dealers in Craigavon are cutting their product with goodness knows what that they are only too happy for YOUR kids to pick up and consume," adds the post.

"I think we all know that option 1 is out the window, and that the reality of dealers and what they push is the scenario we're left with.

"These people do not care. They don't mind who takes what, so long as they get their money.

"Further up that chain, money greedy gangsters sit taking the money from every one of those single deals. This funds weapons including firearms, human trafficking, even terrorism."

The post asks the public to help the police beat crime.

"If you know who is dealing, where they're hiding it, how they're selling it, and anyone who runs the stuff or sells it for them, let us know," it adds.

"You can call 101, phone Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, or send us a PM.

"Have you seen anything similar to this in Craigavon? Do you know where it's coming from? Help us help the community avoid any more near misses.

"Speak out."