Showbiz: Justin Bieber and more from celeb-world

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber and Alan Carr all feature in the latest round-up of gossip from the showbiz world

JUSTIN BIEBER thanked his fans for their support as rumours continued about the end of his romance with SELENA GOMEZ.

The Canadian superstar was a no-show at the MTV EMAs, where he won three awards, after reports emerged that he had broken up with the Wizards Of Waverly Place actress.

Justin refused to confirm or deny the stories, but tweeted to his Beliebers: “Regardless of what happens I see all of the tweets and all the love you guys are sending me. thank u. love u too. #grateful #smiling.” (sic)

The 18-year-old previously admitted to E! Online: “I don’t know what’s going on in my life. To even assess that it doesn’t make sense because I have not made any comment.”

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and new wife JESSICA BIEL have lent a hand to victims of Superstorm Sandy.

The newlyweds, who have returned from their safari honeymoon in Tanzania, spent three-and-a-half hours handing out relief backpacks and blankets in Far Rockaway, Queens, reported

Music producer TIMBALAND (real name Timothy Zachery Mosley) joined the couple, who married in Italy last month.

The neighbourhood of Far Rockaway was heavily damaged by floodwaters and many in the community are still without heat and electricity two weeks after the storm.

ALAN CARR has confessed his ego took a battering when he walked down the red carpet at the MTV Europe Music Awards - and no one recognised him.

The Chatty Man host had a tumbleweed moment after arriving at the showbiz event in Frankfurt, where fans didn’t have a clue who he was.

He joked at the bash: “I only popped over for a weekend break with my friend, who’s quite high up at MTV, and he said you’ve got to do the red carpet. But no one’s cheering, no one knows who I am, my ego’s had a right old kicking.”

LIAM NEESON would have been a “wonderful” Lincoln, DANIEL DAY-LEWIS has said.

The Taken star had been in talks with director STEVEN SPIELBERG about playing former US president Abraham Lincoln in historical drama Lincoln, but decided to pass on the job due to work clashes, so Oscar-winning actor Daniel stepped in instead.

“I can say, unequivocally, that I know for a fact that Liam’s Lincoln would have been something that I would have wished to see,” Daniel told

Coronation Street star BEN PRICE has revealed that his character Nick Tilsley sees Leanne Barlow’s proposal as their “final chance” for a long-term future.

Nick asks Leanne (JANE DANSON) to marry him in the Bistro after being manipulated by scheming ex Eva Price in episodes shown next week, and after initially failing to give him an answer, Leanne later pops the question to Nick at The Rovers, following her divorce from ex-husband Peter Barlow (CHRIS GASCOYNE).

“I think Nick just thinks this is his only chance, she is asking him and don’t think too much about it, it might be the final chance he has to win her from Peter,” the actor told the soap’s official website.

“And Peter is not here - he has no idea that problem is just around the corner! That is the other thing about Nick - he takes something when he sees it, he grabs it.”

ASHTON KUTCHER is “uncanny” as late Apple boss Steve Jobs, his co-star JOSH GAD has revealed.

The Two And A Half Men star, 34, portrays the inventor, who died of pancreatic cancer in October 2011, in the upcoming biopic Jobs.

Josh, who plays Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, told US Weekly: “I think it’s going to be pretty wonderful. Ashton is going to blow a lot of people away. His performance was absolutely transformational.

“If he looked any more like Steve Jobs, I think it would just confuse a lot of people in thinking Steve Jobs never passed away. It’s that uncanny.”