‘Sinn Fein must think we forgot about Edgar’

Edgar Graham
Edgar Graham

A DUP MP has said that a “bright light in the unionist firmament” was extinguished 34 years ago today with the IRA’s murder of Edgar Graham.

Jeffrey Donaldson was among those recalling the events of that day and paying tribute to the Queen’s University academic via a series of messages online.

Mr Graham, a 29-year-old law lecturer and UUP member – who has been described as a promising would-be unionist leader – was shot as he stood talking to a friend beside the main university campus in south Belfast on December 7, 1983.

DUP founder Wallace Thompson also wrote on Facebook: “No-one has ever been brought to account for his murder, but those close to the organization that carried out the vile deed proclaim themselves to be the defenders and custodians of human rights.

“They must think we have very short memories.”

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