Stephen Fry says to be slammed by DUP is to be ‘kissed by angels’

Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry

One of the biggest names on Twitter has posted on social media that “to be slammed by the bigots of the DUP is to be bathed in light and kissed by angels”.

In the tweet, posted this morning from @stephenfry, the presenter of Q1, who is gay added: “I am content.”

His latest comment comes after Mr Fry described the DUP’s commitment to an equality legislation ‘conscience clause’ as being “sick”.

Also this morning, in response to a tweet from @tommydevlin1974 ‘You’re confusing equality and bigotry’, Mr Fry replied ‘So “equality” is to allow the temporary views of the religious right to deny the freedoms of others? Slavery 200 years ago?’

On Tuesday, in a message to his 8.2 million followers, the comedian and presenter urged everyone to sign an online petition opposing the passing of a bill through the Northern Ireland Assembly – legislation that would allow exemptions for people on religious grounds.

The DUP’s bill, led by DUP MLA Paul Givan, follows a legal case taken by the Equality Commission against a Christian-owned bakery Ashers which refused to supply a cake with the words ‘support gay marriage’.

Mr Givan said the latest high-profile opponent of his plans to amend the existing law was in keeping with the “hysterical responses” being whipped up by the gay community, in what amounted to “discrimination against people of faith”.

In his message, Mr Fry said: “Once again the religious right twisting truth to present themselves as victims.”

Mr Givan has said the vast majority of the outspoken critics were “missing what is in the bill”.

He said: “This isn’t a bill to discriminates against someone’s sexual orientation, and I would oppose discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, it is about someone of faith having to do something that would violate their faith. If we can have conscientious objection for people who don’t want to carry out abortions, and that is in the 1967 [abortion] Act in England, what is so intolerable about conscientious freedom when it comes to the provision of goods and services?”