Stormont deal: Four biggest churches welcome agreement

Presbyterian Moderator Reverend Ian McNie
Presbyterian Moderator Reverend Ian McNie

The leaders of the biggest churches on the island of Ireland have issued a joint decree hailing the fact that a deal has been struck – although they noted that it will not please everyone.

The heads of the Catholic church, Church of Ireland, Presbyterian Church in Ireland, and the Methodist Church all put their names to the statement after news of the deal broke.

In it, they said: “We recognise that everyone involved in the negotiations will not have achieved all that they wanted in this agreement, nor will everyone who reads it be fully content with every aspect of it. Such is the nature of any agreed accommodation.

“However, we pray that this particular accommodation reached in the interests of all, will be the basis for beginning to restore hope to those who are struggling and re-establish the trust that has been slowly ebbing from our political institutions.

It was sent from the Catholic church’s central communications office in Maynooth, and was endorsed by the following names:

Rev Brian Anderson, President of the Methodist Church in Ireland; Archbishop Richard Clarke, Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh; Archbishop Eamon Martin, Catholic Archbishop of Armagh; Rt Rev Dr Ian McNie, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland; and Rev Dr Donald Watts, President, Irish Council of Churches.