Susan-Anne White: Women with huge hats and mini skirts in church are not honouring God

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Susan-Anne White and her husband post a regular blog online called The Truth Shall Set You Free. A recent post was called ‘Heads covered, but legs exposed’, in which they express their ire with ‘‘immodesty.’’

‘‘Abi and I, when we go to a service we cover our head, we wear a little beret or a hat, nothing elaborate. But we also have our legs covered. Abi and I have seen, countless times, women sitting with huge big hats and mini skirts, now that is not honouring to God.

‘‘I would rarely ever wear trousers except maybe for keep-fit. Some months ago Abi and I went to step aerobics, I wore trousers for that, because there are certain circumstances where it would be immodest not to wear trousers - that’s the only time I see a need for trousers.’’

Mrs White shows me the ‘‘lovely modest swimsuit’’ which Abi wears to the pool. The costume, which was bought online from an American retailer, has a knee-length skirt and capped sleeves; very little flesh would be revealed.

‘‘I have one as well, I don’t swim, but occasionally I would accompany Abi in,’’ she says.

‘‘We were very concerned about the immodesty, sometimes people are running around as if they are in their underwear, it is so utterly appalling. We want to be a good example wherever we go.’’

That ‘good example’ also extends to not wearing make-up, except when her skin conditions flare up.

‘‘I have rosacea, which gives me a very high colouring, and eczema. Occasionally because it’s so red I have to put some powder on to tone it down, but that’s not using make-up to draw attention to myself, if anything it’s to draw attention away from me.

‘‘Those who wear make-up, who call themselves professing Christians, I am not happy about it unless they are doing it to cover up a skin condition.’’