TARTAN TALK: Piping fans beat a path to Glasgow

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A large number of Northern Ireland’s piping and drumming enthusiasts will be beating a path to Glasgow in the coming week for the annual World Pipe Band Championships.

In addition there will also be huge interest in the various events associated with Piping Live! which runs in the City in the build up the the Worlds.

Here we have a few interesting facts and figures about the event.

* Piping Live will run from 10 - 16 August in Glasgow, with over 200 events taking place throughout the city

* It is the festival’s 12th year

* Last year, Piping Live! had an economic impact of almost £2 million to the city

* Tannahill Weavers will celebrate their 40th birthday with a special evening performance at Piping Live (tickets available: http://www.pipinglive.co.uk/events/40-years-of-piping-from-the-tannahill-weavers/)

* The National Piping Centre turns 30 this year

* The festival will launch the 1st year of a HNC course in piping

*Pipe Idol also turns 10 this year - who will be crowned this year?

*Scott Wood Band will be giving an exclusive listen to their 1st album at Friday Night Folk (tickets available via http://www.pipinglive.co.uk/events/fridaynightfolk/)

*This year marks 10 years since Gordon Duncan passed, with the Gordon Duncan Memorial Piping Competition taking place on Sunday 16th in honour of the world class piper. The trust was formed to raise funds for the promotion of piping.

*Rikki Evans aims to pipe for 24 hours on Wednesday 12th August, setting a Guinness World Record at Piping Live!

*There are 10 hidden judges in the International Quartets Competition who decide who will take home the title (tickets available via http://www.pipinglive.co.uk/events/international-quartet-competition-2015/)

* 2,646 - how many miles Wendy MacIsaac and Mary JaneLamond have traveled from Nova Scotia to perform at Piping Live!’s Friday Night Folk on August 14th (tickets available via: http://www.pipinglive.co.uk/events/fridaynightfolk/)

* 3am - the time the After Words Shindig ends on Saturday 15th - make sure you get along to party until the wee hours (tickets available: http://www.pipinglive.co.uk/events/the-after-worlds-shindig/)

* 1748 - the origins of Lowland Piping. Now, the Lowland and Borders Pipers’ Society exists to encourage exploration of the bagpipe. Listen to the most talented smallpipers on Wednesday 12th August (tickets available: http://www.pipinglive.co.uk/events/the-lowland-and-border-pipers-society-showcase/)