Teens brag about fist fight on social media page

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Shocking footage of two teenagers fighting in Coleraine has emerged on a facebook page, followed by over 40,000 social media users.

The video, posted on January 6 on the Facebook page, Fight Scene NI, has been viewed over 25,000 times.

The two males, believed to be in their teens, are filmed by their friends as they go head to head in a vicious fistfight.

The youths are encouraged to wait by one onlooker as he prepared to film the fight and then are spurred on by others watching.

A number of punches are thrown in the fight which lasts a matter of seconds, before one of those involved falls to the ground.

At this point, one male is heard shouting ‘let him up’.

The short film was shot near the town’s railway station, in an alleyway behind a pub on the Bushmills Road.

Last month footage of two girls fighting in Ballymoney was also uploaded to the page.

The young people, who were wearing school uniforms from various schools in the area, dispersed upon the arrival of police.

Teenagers from towns across the Province have used the page to show similar videos of street fights, many of which take place in daylight.

One teenager, and who did not want to named, told the Coleraine Times young people from Coleraine are fighting on a weekly basis and uploading footage to sites like this, in a bid to gain the most views with rival towns.

“I think those involved get a buzz out of seeing how many views their fight is gettiing,” said the teenager.

“The aim is for a Coleraine fight to get more views than a fight filmed in Belfast,” he explained.

Comments under the Coleraine fights, call for the pair to have a ‘rematch’, whilst others openly name the fighters involved.

The page has already been reported to Facebook.

One comment on the page, from a worried parent describes it as ‘horrendous’ and claims that it ‘promotes violence’ and is in fact ‘exploiting children in Northern Ireland’