Terror victims fear ‘more legacy concessions’ to SF

Kenny Donaldson, spokesman for Innocent Victims United
Kenny Donaldson, spokesman for Innocent Victims United

Terror victims groups have expressed grave concerns about what concessions may be made on legacy issues during current political talks.

Kenny Donaldson, spokesman for Innocent Victims United, said: “Let’s be clear; no-one was given a mandate at the recent election to acquiesce in republicanism’s attempted re-write of history.

“The innocent victims and survivors of terrorism were effectively locked out of the ‘Stormont House Agreement’ (SHA) Talks and the ‘Fresh Start’ talks process, it is absolutely essential that those who stand to be directly impacted by proposals on legacy are privy to the content and are treated as an integral component part in the overall design and shaping of the structures developed.

“We do not accept that what was proposed via Stormont House is set in stone. A grievous judgement was made to allow the coroners’ inquest process to exist outside the realms of the proposed new Historical Investigations Unit and that error in judgement must now be corrected; quite simply there must be no further appeasement of terrorism and this extends to the former Maze Prison site.

“There cannot and must not be any return to the flawed political thinking which almost advanced a project which would’ve resulted in the decriminalisation of terrorism.”

Victims campaigner William Frazer demanded that victims of terrorism must be briefed on any and all negotiations relating to legacy cases.

“Sinn Fein can not be allowed to rewrite history,” he said. “We are aware that they are in Stormont Castle with a legacy case wish list. Does this wish list include more get out of jail free letters?

“Does it include more investigations into actions of state forces? We the victims simply don’t know because as always we are locked out of the process. The victim makers have a front row seat while their victims stand locked outside the process.”

He added: “Victims are ready to engage we must however be treated with respect, we call on the Secretary of State to publish Sinn Fein legacy demands. Sinn Fein are making a list of demands but the innocent victims are also making a list of demands.”

Meanwhile, the latest hearing of the Kingsmills Massacre inquest was cancelled on Thursday as the coroner was unexpectedly unavailable due to a flight cancellation.

It will now take place on March 16 at 10am.