The News Letter's homepage is changing - and it’s bigger and better than before

The News Letter homepage is changing
The News Letter homepage is changing
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The homepage of the News Letter website - one of the fastest growing regional sites in the UK - now has more local content than ever before.

The changes, which came into effect this week, mean our homepage will now be five times bigger.

So, what exactly are the changes?

There are now five sections to our homepage.

The first remains as normal, including our main stories of the day, sports news, lifestyle and entertainment articles.

The second section covers opinion, politics, business and crime and the third homes in on sport with Irish League, rugby, motorbikes and the Northern Ireland international team all in focus.

Our fourth includes nostalgia, TV, music and eating out. Finally, the fifth section features environment, farming, health and your say.

How do I view the new sections?

Go to the homepage and scroll down to the bottom. When you reach the end, a new screen will load showing you the next section of news.

Repeat the same steps and you will load all five sections, so you will able to see the new extended homepage.

Why is this being changed?

It's all part of our ongoing efforts to improve the user experience of our website - which is, we are proud to say, one of the fastest-growing regional sites in the UK.