Theresa May claims ‘DUP working with us’

Prime Minister Theresa May has claimed she is still “working with” the DUP in a radio interview.

Her comments follow an accusation in the House of Commons from the DUP Westminster leader Nigel Dodds MP that she had “sold out” Northern Ireland in the draft Brexit agreement.

DUP leader Arlene Foster and Prime Minister Theresa May (archive image)

DUP leader Arlene Foster and Prime Minister Theresa May (archive image)

And it also comes following remarks on BBC NI TV show The View from DUP chief whip Sir Jeffrey Donaldson that the party would “review” its confidence and supply agreement with the Conservative Party if the draft withdrawal text is passed by parliament.

Speaking on LBC, Mrs May could not guarantee she had the support of the DUP, who prop up her minority Government, in the meaningful vote, but insisted she was still working with the DUP.

Responding to a question on LBC about whether DUP leader Arlene Foster had withdrawn support, she said: “I haven’t had a testy exchange with Arlene on that.”

LBC presenter Nick Ferrari pushed: “And they’ll vote for this deal?”

Mrs May said: “When this vote comes back every individual MP will decide how they will vote, whether they are DUP, Conservative, Labour, all parties within the House of Commons.

“My job is to persuade first and foremost my Conservative benches, those who are working with us - the DUP are working with us, obviously, confidence and supply - but I want to be able to say to every MP I believe this is the best deal for the UK.”