Thousands object to Sinn Fein’s bilingual signage plan

DUP MP Gregory Campbell
DUP MP Gregory Campbell

A public survey has shown there is “very little appetite” for proposed bilingual signage on certain bus routes, a DUP MP has said.

Gregory Campbell’s claim comes after Sinn Fein lobbied Translink for a consultation on Irish language destination signage on scheduled Ulsterbus services in the Londonderry area.

The consultation process was carried out in the spring of 2017 and the results were forwarded to the Department of Infrastructure late last year.

Following a Freedom of Information request, East Londonderry MP Mr Campbell has learned that less than a quarter of those who responded to the consultation were in favour of mooted bilingual signage.

Of the 9,421 people who responded, 74% (almost 7,000) did not favour Sinn Fein’s proposal.

Mr Campbell has accused Sinn Fein of “ignoring” the outcome of the Translink consultation, adding: “This survey, requested by Sinn Fein, has demonstrated that there is very little appetite for Irish language signage even when Sinn Fein promotes it.

“Either Sinn Fein is aware of this consultation outcome and has decided to keep it hidden or Sinn Fein is unaware of the outcome and didn’t ask because they were afraid of what the outcome might be. The public have a right to know which it is.”