Threats against Ulster journalists are “unacceptable”


The National Union of Journalists in Northern Ireland has welcomed a statement from the loyalist Progressive Unionist Party saying that threats against journalists are “completely unacceptable”.

Several journalists in Northern Ireland have received death threats from loyalist terrorist organisations the UVF and the UDA.

These journalists have not been named. They were informed of the threats against them by the PSNI.

The PUP has traditionally been linked with the UVF.

PUP deputy leader Dr John Kyle slammed the threats by the UVF and said: “The Progressive Unionist Party recognises the importance of a free press in a democratic society and considers threats of violence against journalists to be completely unacceptable.”

The NUJ has welcomed the statement, but also called on political representatives for the UDA to make a similar statement and “endorse a free and democratic press unencumbered by threats of violence”.

A spokesperson for the NUJ Belfast and District Branch said: “The PUP has made a welcome gesture condemning threats to journalists.

“The NUJ members now await the political spokespersons for the UDA to issue a statement calling on those associated with these unwarranted threats to lift them.”