Three-year-old boy dies after car window closes on neck


A three-year-old boy has died after a car power window closed on his neck.

Everton Isay Romero Romero, from Nebraska in America, was pronounced dead on Friday at an Omaha hospital.

Colfax County attorney Denise Kracl said Everton never regained consciousness after the window closed on him on April 15 outside a store in Schuyler, where he lived.

She said it is unclear how the window button was activated in the parked car.

Everton's mother had powered the rear window down. Investigators could not determine how long the window was closed on the boy's neck.

Ms Kracl says no post-mortem examination was performed because there is no evidence any law was violated. She said the boy's mother "acted appropriately the entire time".

Schuyler is about 60 miles north-west of Omaha.