Tim Peake: Launch timetable and Live Blog

British astronaut, Timothy Peake.
British astronaut, Timothy Peake.

Astronaut Tim Peake is ready for take-off - and here’s the schedule for the British spaceman’s historic mission.

He and his companions Yuri Malenchenko (Roscosmos), Tim Kopra (Nasa) are at Baikonur in Kazakhstan, ahead of their launch tomorrow in Soyuz TMA-19M to go to the International Space Station

Follow astronaut Tim Peake as he prepares to make history when he becomes the first Briton to serve a mission on the International Space Station via the Tim Peake Live Blog.

The European Space Agency gives this timetable (all UK times):-

6.30am - Start of fuelling for Soyuz rocket

6:43am - Tim, Tim and Yuri put on their Sokol pressure suit they will wear during launch

8.23am - Bus ride to the launch site and farewell

8.00am - Fuelling of Soyuz rocket complete

8.33am - Astronauts enter their Soyuz spacecraft via a lift and then stairs

8:53am - Hatch to the Soyuz TMA-19M closes

9.18am - The Soyuz TMA-19M is pressurised and systems are checked

9.33am - Communications open with mission control

10.03am - Launch pad evacuated

10.15am - Soyuz support structure lowered

10.30am - Emergency escape system armed

10.48am - Checks complete

10.57am - Countdown auto-sequence begins

10.58am - Transfer to on-board control, switch to pressure suit ventilation

11.02am - Soyuz rocket engine ignition

11.03am - Lift-off

11.13am - Soyuz spacecraft separates and is flying free

3.15pm - Approach to International Space Station begins

5.24pm - Docking

5.37pm - Docking hooks close

5.40pm - Pressure-check for leaks

6.25pm - Hatches open for greetings and safety briefing

7.10pm - Press conference and talk with family