Top Orangeman: RHI break-in rumour untrue

David Mahon is a well known figure in Orange and unionist circles
David Mahon is a well known figure in Orange and unionist circles

A rumour circulating in Co Fermanagh about an RHI-linked break-in at the office of a senior Orange Order figure is wrong, he has said.

David Mahon, the Donegal grand master of the Orange Order, said that he was aware of the claims circulating in the area but that there was no substance to them whatsoever.

Mr Mahon said that he was happy for the News Letter to report on the matter in order to clarify that the rumour was wrong.

The claim – which is one of several stories about the Renewable Heat Incentive circulating either in person in parts of Northern Ireland or on social media – was that Mr Mahon’s office had been burgled and financial documents, including invoices and RHI paperwork, had been stolen.

Mr Mahon is a prominent figure in unionist and Orange circles.

He is a major business figure and for a time rented an office to Arlene Foster.

But, speaking to the News Letter yesterday, the businessman said that “no properties of mine have been broken into”, adding that his offices are alarmed so he would have been aware of any incursion.

He said: “I heard that rumour myself, but it [the office] wasn’t broken into.”

Mr Mahon also moved to quash the suggestion that he had some link to the RHI scheme.

He said: “That’s totally untrue.

“I don’t have any connections to RHI scheme or any boilers or anything like that.”