Tractor brings Ballycastle church wall tumbling down

No one was injured when the green tractor crashed into the church wall
No one was injured when the green tractor crashed into the church wall

An unexpected visitor to Ballycastle Presbyterian Church on Monday morning made an unorthodox entrance – through the church’s surrounding walls.

The green tractor crashed through the walls after an incident involving another car.

Police said they were called to the scene of the collision at around 10.30am on the Leyland Road.

“There were no reports of any injuries,” a PSNI spokesman said.

One eyewitness said the tractor smashed through the walls of the church and that “pedestrians had a narrow escape as the vehicle ploughed over the footpath and into the wall”.

Police officers were at the scene and closed the road while they investigated, he said.

A source close to the church said they were just pleased that nobody had been hurt in the unusual incident.

“These things happen don’t they?” he told the News Letter.

“A short section of the wall has been demolished but all the parties involved say it will all be cleared up.

“I believe someone in a car was attempting to turn into the church and the tractor driver swerved to avoid them.

“Thankfully there was only damage to some masonry, a fence and some metal – but nobody was hurt.”

The tractor was not badly damaged either, he said.

As nobody was hurt, the News Letter understands that police will take no further involvement in the case. Instead the only further investigations will now be handled by the insurance companies of the two drivers.

It is understood that nobody involved in the incident was a member of Ballycastle Presbyterian Church.

It is not known how old the surrounding walls of the church are.