Belfast street to close for time on Sunday

Oxford Street, Belfast. (Photo: Google Street View)
Oxford Street, Belfast. (Photo: Google Street View)

A street in Belfast city centre will close for three hours on Sunday morning to allow for the production of a film.

The short film is being made to demonstrate the current 'waste of space' on some roads in Northern Ireland.

Filming will commence at 7:00am and will finish at 10:00am approximately.

The production is a mass volunteer event, where 105 people will come together, volunteering their time to highlight the advantages of sustainable travel to combat congestion in towns and cities here.

The project, which is called ‘Road Share,’ will illustrate and compare the typical space occupied in a city street by four common modes of transport - cars, buses, cycling and walking - transporting the same number of people. It will use drone technology to capture various road set-ups, to demonstrate the equivalent space requirement.

More than 100 people have been chosen, as this is the capacity of the new Glider vehicle; a striking new rapid transit system for Belfast starting service this September.

Road Share will be filmed on Sunday and officially released on Monday, which is the first day of Northern Ireland’s Bus + Train Week.