Here are 23 examples of the worst car parking in Northern Ireland in 2019

Unless it is an emergency, there can be no excuse for careless car parking.

By Andrew Quinn
Wednesday, 12th June 2019, 6:42 pm
Just one example of some of the God awful car parking we have seen so far this year. (Photo: Derry Parking Berts)
Just one example of some of the God awful car parking we have seen so far this year. (Photo: Derry Parking Berts)

Poor car parking frustrates many of us and sad to say it is a problem that is alive and well in Northern Ireland today - here are 23 examples of some of the worst car parking the Province has seen since the beginning of 2019 - a big thank you to Derry Parking Berts for allowing us to use these photographs - check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Unfortunately a common sight around Northern Ireland however despite the frequency of such incidents it does not make them any less frustrating when they materialise.
When one doesn't exist just invent one - no one will ever notice!
The Romans were kind enough to invent the roads so here's a tip, try keeping your car on the road and off the footpath, thank you very much!
Double yellow lines are there for a reason so, if it's not too much trouble, could you try and respect them and park your car correctly?
Perhaps they mistook this Kia for a Ferrari?
There are no words...
Here's another one with a creative outlook when it comes to car parking in public.
There's just something about people who drive B.M.W.s They are often smug and with a sense of entitlement. Think this photo is evidence of that. (We jest)...
Hopefully the driver of this car was at Altnagelvin Hospital (background) for an eye test!
Just imagine what the driver of this car's house looks like!
This is infuriating. How many times have you gone looking for a car parking space only to find one or two cars parked across several spaces? Ridiculous.
There's every chance this driver parks this car in the upstairs bathroom because he or she doesn't seem to know where is acceptable to park your car and where is not.
This car is small yet the driver has managed to park across five individual spaces. This is verging on impressive.
This is Londonderry city centre. This is incredulous car parking!
This driver must think he or she is invisible or maybe they are just really poor at parking their car?
The driver of this car should take a good long hard look at themselves.
You can clearly see a pram at the bottom of this photograph. It's ridiculous parents can't go for a walk with their children without being forced off the footpath and on to a busy road.
Get a grip! This is utterly horrendous parking - how is a wheelchair user supposed park their car in that space now?
All three of these cars are from the Republic of Ireland. Perhaps we should be more concerned about poor car parking like this and less afraid of Brexit?
Breaking News - It's a Volvo NOT a McLaren P1.
Just looking at this one will hurt your eyes. Could you imagine the damage this motorist would do if let loose with a lawnmower?
Abandoning a beloved Mini Cooper outside a P.S.N.I. station is one surefire way to attract the attention of the authorities.