Traffic information ahead of Belfast parades

Grand Lodge urged voters to reflect on what the Bible says on the sanctity of life
Grand Lodge urged voters to reflect on what the Bible says on the sanctity of life

Police have issued advice to motorists ahead of a string of parades from Friday evening onwards.

The first is set to take place from 7.30pm on Friday in the eastern part of Belfast.

Police said marchers can be expected on the following route until up to 11.45pm: Ormeau Embankment, Ravenhill Road, My Ladys Road, Cherryville Street, Beesbridge Road, Castlereagh Street, Paxton Street, Templemore Avenue, Albertbridge Road, Lord Street, Epworth Street, Templemore Avenue, Castlereagh Street, Beersbridge Road, Clara Street, Castlereagh Road, Willowfield Street, My Ladys Road and London Road, finishing at the junction of London Road and Roseberry Road.

Meanwhile on Friday, there was a crash mid-afternoon on the Annadale Embankment.

The road has been closed close to the Annadale flats due to the two-vehicle accident.

There were no details of injuries at time of writing.

Meanwhile, police advised motorists there will be a band parade in south Belfast on Saturday from 3pm and 7pm.

It will traverse the following route: Barrington Gardens, Abbingdon Drive, Donegall Road, Donegall Avenue, Frenchpark Street, Tavanagh Street and Donegall Road, finishing at Barrington Gardens.

Then on 7pm a parade in east Belfast will follow this route: Connswater Street, Newtownards Road, Bloomfield Road, Beersbridge Avenue, Castlereagh Street, Templemore Avenue, Albertbridge Road and Templemore Avenue, finishing on the Newtownards Road.