Traffic wardens ‘lasted just half an hour’ in Tyrone town

No parking tickets have been issued in Coalisland for six years
No parking tickets have been issued in Coalisland for six years

Parking attendants lasted less than a day in Coalisland prompting an Executive review of their deployment in the Co Tyrone town.

Some reports have suggested the red coats were in Coalisland for less than half an hour before they made a hasty exit due to verbal abuse.

It was revealed earlier this year drivers in the Co Tyrone town have not received a single ticket from parking attendants for six years in a row.

DUP MLA Lord Morrow, who had been pushing for the deployment of traffic wardens in Coalisland, had described parking there as a “free-for-all”.

Commenting on the news that parking attendants had been verbally abused, he said: “It would be a very sad day for enforcement if people decide to take the law into their own hands and they determine where it will be enforced and where it won’t.”

The Department of Infrastructure confirmed it was investigating reports of “an incident” last week and a risk assessment would be carried out.

A Department of Infrastructure spokesperson said: “Whilst carrying out their duties last week, traffic attendants were subjected to verbal abuse. As a result, a review of their deployment and risk assessment will now be carried out.”

The appearance of parking attendants in Coalisland came after it emerged no parking tickets had been issued there in six years.

The lack of parking attendants in the town has been put down to limited parking restrictions which need to be enforced. However, the Department of Infrastructure gave in to pressure and tasked attendants to Coalisland one day a month.

It was during their most recent visit to the town when they came under attack.