Tragic Sean 'Scooby' McAlonan was 'life and soul of the party', funeral told

Flowers mark the scene of the crash
Flowers mark the scene of the crash
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Sean 'Scooby' McAlonan was "the life and soul of the party", mourners at his funeral Mass heard today.

Father Con Boyle PP told mourners that Sean - who died after a tragic single vehicle collision on Sunday morning outside Ballycastle - was "a young man who enjoyed life so much".

The scene of the crash

The scene of the crash

Fr Boyle said he enjoyed life so much that "he would have loved to see all the lorries take over the town this morning – and the tremendously supportive crowd that has gathered round his family".

His funeral Mass was held at noon today in St. Patrick’s and St. Brigid’s Church, Moyle Road, Ballycastle.

He was buried afterwards in the adjoining cemetery.

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Funeral details confirmed for tragic van crash victim Sean (Scooby) McAlonan

Addressing mourners, Fr Boyle said: "Poignantly, we gather to reflect on his life and to pray for his soul.

"Sean’s tragic death on Sunday morning has brought such shock and pain to you, his family and friends. What can any of us say that will make this any better? …..

"The consolation and courage we seek today are maybe to be found not so much in words but in our very presence to each other and in the simple gestures: a handshake, a hug, an encouraging hand.

"We’re just trying to say: “I’m here. I care. I’ll suffer with you.”

The cleric added that: "You would often say that at 21 life is really just beginning. But, in Sean’s case, you’d have to say that he lived his 21 years very fully.

"He was given to whatever he was doing. As a kid, he was eager to learn all about the lorries. He became a great driver and he took pride in doing things well.

"He wasn’t afraid of hard work; nothing was a bother. If he went out to do a job, he did it right – and he’d keep you working with him ‘til the job was finished!"

Fr Boyle added that "Everybody speaks about how nice a guy he was and that there was something gentle and carefree about him.

"One of his friends put it so well yesterday when he said that Sean cared about what really mattered….

"We want to be reassured today that the God who gave this young man life, who gave him a loving family and friends, who gave him exuberance and zest for living, that God can be further trusted to bring that life to completeness and to bring Sean gently into life everlasting.

"For you, Sean’s friends, keep close and help each other to care about what really matters. Let us all trust God that nothing of Sean is lost – his enjoyment of life, the guy who was ever in good form, his innate goodness and gentle nature - that nothing is lost, and that God will bring his life to fulfilment. May he rest in peace."