Travel: Summer bootcamp

People exercising in a step aerobics class
People exercising in a step aerobics class

Growing number of people enjoying a Balearic Bootcamp break

Traditionally, holidays have always been about indulgence - eating too much food, sloshing back alcohol and slumping for hours in the sun. But a growing number of people are taking a very different approach, using time away from work not only to recharge their batteries but to get their bodies physically in shape too.

According to body transformation coach Hugo Martini-Mensch, it’s possible to combine fitness training with a relaxing break, returning home to feel much better both physically and mentally.

The London-based Brazilian trainer and nutritionist, known to his clients as the ‘secret weapon’, is launching a summer bootcamp in an exclusive villa in Ibiza, where guests of all fitness abilities are invited to discover a new lease of life.

Alongside daily fitness sessions tailored to the individual, yoga classes and cooking demonstrations will be held.

The idea is that guests taking part in the Balearic Bootcamp will not only spend seven days getting in shape; they’ll also leave with a new set of healthy living skills to implement at home.

“Too many fitness holidays offer that one-size-fits-all, ‘quick-fix’ approach, but often it leaves clients back to square one within weeks of returning home, because they just don’t know how to maintain it,” says Martini-Mensch.

“The service I provide is about supplying tools to implement in the long-term.”

Martini-Mensch promises a holiday that’s not too austere. DJS will be dropping by the villa to spin tunes for fitness sessions, and there’ll be several excursions to explore the island. The provision of a live-in nanny also opens the bootcamp up to those who want to travel with children.

n Balearic Bootcamps will run in Ibiza from now until June, costing from £1,400 a week. Visit