TUV announce their candidates for election

The TUV candidates for the forthcoming election
The TUV candidates for the forthcoming election

TUV has announced that they will field 12 candidates in the upcoming Assembly election.

Party leader Jim Allister said: “This election is about two key issues – the financial scandal which is Cash for Ash and Sinn Fein/IRA’s attempts to exploit it to further their Republican agenda.

“Arlene Foster is the Minister to blame for Cash for Ash, the author of a disastrous scheme without cost controls.

“At a time when hospital waiting lists are out of control, jobs are in danger and essential services such as schools are deprived of funds Stormont is seen a factory of squander.

“Equally, Unionists recognise that Republicans are not concerned about the cost to the public purse. After the election they intend to hold a scandal-tainted DUP to ransom as the price of keeping Stormont open - on their terms.

“An Irish Language Act, the Maze Shrine, additional North/South powers, rewriting the past and preventing Northern Ireland from gaining the same Brexit as the rest of the UK are among their demands.

“Even before the election the DUP caved in on Republican demands to restore Irish language funding and far from resisting Sinn Fein attempts to re-write the past Ian Paisley Jr praised unrepentant IRA commander Martin McGuinness for saving lives!

“Unionists need a strong TUV team as their best insurance policy against rolling over to Republican demands.

“Having been let down by the DUP there are many who now realise that Stormont needs fundamental reform. TUV presents two alternatives to the failed Stormont – either voluntary coalition by those who can agree or rule by British Ministers but with the vital difference from direct rule that they are accountable to the Assembly.

“It’s time to call greed, arrogance and squander. It’s time to send Republicans a message that Unionists will not roll over on their insatiable demands.

“It’s time to drain the swamp by voting TUV.”

The TUV candidates are as follows:

North Antrim – Jim Allister

Recognised as a man of integrity, experience and ability he has served North Antrim in Stormont since 2011 and was previously an MEP (2004-09).

Mid Ulster – Hannah Loughrin

Hannah Loughrin has lived all her life in the Orritor area of Cookstown. Married to Johnny Young. A public relations graduate she is a skilled communicator. She is employed as Airline cabin crew, an associate in the Girls Brigade and a committed Northern Ireland football fan. She also has a keen interest in marching bands.

South Belfast – John Hiddleston

John Hiddleston has lived and worked in South Belfast for most of his adult life. An Economics graduate from Queen’s University, he has been a director and shareholder of several small businesses.

East Belfast – Councillor Andrew Girvin

Cllr Andrew Girvin represents Castlereagh East on Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council. He is married with four children. He and his wife Nicola are qualified foster carers and have been involved in youth work for many years.

Fermanagh and South Tyrone – Alex Elliott

Alex is from Ballinamallard. He and his wife Olive have three adult children and two grandchildren. He served 32 years in the UDR and RUC and was awarded the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery.

East Antrim – Ruth Wilson

Cllr Ruth Wilson is a lifetime resident in East Antrim and mother of 3 teenage children. She is active in local cultural activities and member of McMaster Memorial Accordion Band. She has a keen interest in the equine and agricultural sectors and with 30 years’ experience working in the Health Service Ruth is passionate about the NHS.

East Londonderry – Jordan Armstrong

Jordon lives near Londonderry with his wife Deborah and two young children. Having seen service with the Royal Irish Regiment in Afghanistan he is now working as a supervisor in a local business.

South Down – Lyle Rea

Lyle is from a Rathfriland business family. He and his wife Hilda have three adult children. He is a former director of the RUAS, past Chairman of the British Wool Marketing Board Shearing Committee and the Golden Shears World Council. He is an elder in his local Presbyterian Church.

South Antrim – Richard Cairns

Richard is TUV vice-chairman and personal assistant to Jim Allister since 2012. He is married to Clare and is a trustee of Antrim Enterprise Agency. Active in the community, he serves as a Governor at Ballycraigy Primary School as well as being involved in the Loyal Orders and Greystone Presbyterian Church.

Strangford – Councilor Stephen Cooper

Cllr Cooper lives in his hometown of Comber. A former UDR soldier, Stephen is passionate about aftercare service for veterans, mental health issues, autism and animal welfare.

Upper Bann – Roy Ferguson

Roy and his wife Caroline live in Lurgan. Roy has been involved in the Loyal Orders for over 40 years and is an active member of victims group FAIR (Families Acting for Innocent Relatives).

Lagan Valley – Samuel Morrison

Samuel lives in Dromore with his wife Esther and daughters Grace and Hannah. He has been personal assistant to Jim Allister since 2007. In 2015 he ensured that Sinn Fein were unable to remove the National Anthem from Stormont’s Remembrance Service.