TUV: Anti-Brexit campaigners must '˜get over themselves' after court judgement

TUV leader Jim Allister has called the failed challenges to Brexit in Northern Ireland 'foolhardy', after they were rejected in court this morning.
TUV leader Jim AllisterTUV leader Jim Allister
TUV leader Jim Allister

The North Antrim MLA and barrister said he welcomed the judgement, which he described as “emphatic and comprehensive”.

The cases centred around two challenges – one from victims’ campaigner Raymond McCord, and the other from a coalition of Northern Irish politicians.

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Speaking of the opponents of Brexit, Mr Allister said after this morning’s judgement: “It is time they got over themselves and ended their futile attempt to stop the tide of the democratic decision to leave the EU.

“Get with the programme of making a success of the huge opportunities of Brexit.

“Since it was ridiculous that the McCord challenge was funded by the taxpayers through Legal Aid, I will be writing again to the Legal Services Commission urging that it does not waste further public money on supporting any appeal he might seek to bring.

“If he feels so deeply about this, then let him spend his own money, not sponge on the public purse.”