TUV critical of DSD funds allocation

TUV leader Jim allister. Picture Mark marlow/pacemaker
TUV leader Jim allister. Picture Mark marlow/pacemaker
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TUV leader Jim Allister has released further details of Executive spending he describes as “lavish”.

Following recent criticism of a Department of Social Development grant to Lurgan Golf Club, Mr Allister has questioned similar ‘neighbourhood renewal’ funding for GAA, ex-prisoner, Irish language and LGBT groups.

He said: “Neighbourhood renewal funding is supposed to be used to target deprivation and disadvantage in areas of high socio-economic need.

“How can it be justified to lavish over £2.1m of this funding on Irish language groups, but not a penny provided to Ulster Scots groups.

Earlier this month, a DSD spokesman rejected Mr Allister’s criticism of its funding policy.

He said: “We will continue to consider all applications objectively on the basis of need and the effectiveness of the project.”