TUV reveals full line-up for Assembly election

Jim Allister with Upper Bann TUV candidate Roy Ferguson.
Jim Allister with Upper Bann TUV candidate Roy Ferguson.

TUV has announced its full candidate line-up for the 2016 Assembly elections.

Mid Ulster - Hannah Loughrin; South Belfast - John Hiddleston; East Belfast - Councillor Andrew Girvin; Fermanagh and South Tyrone - Donald Crawford; Upper Bann - Roy Ferguson; South Down - Councillor Henry Reilly; North Belfast - John Miller; East Antrim - Ruth Wilson; East Londonderry - Jordan Armstrong; Lagan Valley - Lyle Rea; North Antrim - Jim Allister and Timothy Gaston; North Down - John Brennan; South Antrim - Richard Cairns; Strangford - Councillor Stephen Cooper.

Party leader Jim Allister said: “In this election TUV will offer more people than ever before the opportunity to vote for the party in an Assembly election.

“TUV is not only the authentic voice of opposition to the tawdry regime in Stormont, we are the torchbearers for democratising Stormont.

“You get what you vote for. The choice is to vote for the same old faces and parties and more of the same failure. More of the same waste of millions of pounds. More of the same crises. More of the same excuses. Alternatively people can vote for new vision, a new start, a politics of principle, not expediency. You’ve seen what one determined TUV voice can do - Ann’s Law (the first victory for innocent victims in years), leading the campaign for a Northern Ireland Air Ambulance, a relentless campaign for a better deal for taxpayers when it comes to Stormont squander and 24/7 opposition to Republicanism. Think what we could do with multiple MLAs.

“With TUV you know you will get straight talking and principled politics. Strengthen my hand by voting for us on Election Day.”