Twelfth: Carnival atmosphere in Markethill

Markethill was one of three Flagship Twelfth venues and saw Orangemen from across County Armagh gather for their annual demonstration.

In recent years, the County Armagh demonstration has become regarded as the largest gathering of Orangemen on the day, encompassing the full range of the Orange family.

Twelfth 2014

Twelfth 2014

A total of 11 district lodges, with 154 private lodges and almost 5,000 brethren took part; in addition, ladies from the Women’s Institution were present, along with several Junior Boys and two Junior Girls lodges.

They were accompanied by around 80 bands of every type with some of the best pipe, accordion, silver and flute bands in the country on parade.

Dozens of lambeg drums accompanied the brethren, providing their unmistakable cadence.

The rain stayed off for the better part of the day with just the occasional ‘spit’ as Orangemen entered the field, watched by spectators thronged along their route - at times four rows deep.

A carnival atmosphere was very much in evidence and even the cow and calf sculpture at the entrance to the town had donned sashes for the day.

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