Twelfth: Traffic and travel

Orangemen during a previous parade
Orangemen during a previous parade

Here is the traffic and travel latest for July 12.



Police in North and West Belfast are advising motorists of traffic disruption in the area on Friday July 12th due to a number of parades taking place.

Motorists should expect delays in the Crumlin Road and Clifton Street area from 9am to 12pm as this will be the assembly point for the main parade.

There will still be access to the Mater Hospital and the Westlink will remain open to traffic although the Clifton Street offslip will be closed during this time.

Motorists should also expect minor delays between 8am and 9am in the Crumlin Road/Woodvale Road area in the vicinity of Ardoyne and in the Springfield Road area from Springmartin Road to Lanark Way. There will also be minor delays in the Whitewell Road/Shore Road and York Street areas between 8am and 8:30am. Areas of North Street/Peters Hill and Lower Shankill Road will experience minor delays between 9am and 11.30am.

Between 3:30pm and 7pm, delays should be expected in the general Crumlin Road/Woodvale Road/Ardoyne area due to a number of events in the vicinity.

Delays should also be expected in the Donegall Street/Clifton Street/Crumlin Road area between 5:30pm – 7pm and in the Shore Road/Whitewell Road area at around 6:30pm.

Motorists should allow extra time for their journey and should use alternative routes when possible.


South and East Belfast Traffic Information - 12 July 2013

Drivers are advised of potential delays in South and East Belfast on 12 July 2012. Traffic disruption can be expected at the stated times and motorists are advised to avoid the listed routes at these times. For all feeder parades police will attempt to keep traffic disruption to a minimum and will avoid closing roads where possible.

For the main parade, all road closures/diversions will be lifted as soon as possible as the tail of the parade moves through the city.

The main parade will assemble from 9.45am at Carlisle Circus and the procession will start at 10.00am. The route is as follows: Carlisle Circus, Clifton Street, Donegall Street, Royal Avenue, Donegall Place, Donegall Square North, (With a short service at the cenotaph, within the grounds of the City Hall) Donegall Square West, Bedford Street, Dublin Road, Shaftesbury Square, Bradbury Place, Lisburn Road, Balmoral Avenue, Malone Road, Barnetts Demesne.

The main return parade will start at 4.15pm and return to Carlisle Circus along the following route: Barnetts Demesne, Malone Road, Balmoral Avenue, Lisburn Road, Bradbury Place, Shaftesbury Square, Dublin Road, Bedford Street, Donegall Square West, Donegall Square North, Donegall Place, Royal Avenue, Donegall Street, Clifton Street, Carlisle Circus.

Subsidiary District Parades

No 5 District, Sandy Row

Assemble at Sandy Row Orange Hall at 8.30am and proceed to Carlisle Circus at 9.00am via the following route: Sandy Row, Hope Street, Great Victoria Street, Fisherwick Place, College Square East, Wellington Place, Donegall Square North, Donegall Place, Royal Avenue, North Street, Peter’s Hill, Boundary Street, Denmark Street.

On return they will leave the main parade at Bruce Street and proceed to Sandy Row Orange Hall for dispersal via, Hope Street and Sandy Row.

No 6 District, East Belfast

Assemble at Templemore Avenue at 8.00am and at 8.30am proceed to Carlisle Circus to join the main parade via the following route:

Templemore Avenue, Newtownards Road, Bridge End, Queen’s Bridge, Ann Street, Victoria Street, High Street, Castle Place, Royal Avenue, North Street, Peters Hill, Boundary Street, Denmark Street, Carlisle Circus.

On return, they will leave the main parade at Castle Place and proceed to Templemore Avenue for dispersal via, Castle Place, High Street, Queens Square, Donegall Quay, Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, Middlepath Street, Newtownards Road, Templemore Avenue.

No 10 District, Ballynafeigh

Assemble at Ballynafeigh Orange Hall at 9.00am. They will move off at 9.30am to join the main parade via the following route:

Ormeau Road, Stranmillis Embankment, Collingwood Avenue, Agincourt Avenue, Rugby Road, College Park, Botanic Avenue, Donegall Pass, Ormeau Road, Ormeau Avenue, Linenhall Street, Donegall Square South, Donegall Square East, Donegall Square North, Donegall Place.

The return parade will leave the main parade at Shaftesbury Square/Dublin Road and travel back to Ballynafeigh Orange Hall via Botanic Avenue, College Park, Rugby Road, Agincourt Avenue, Collingwood Street, Stranmillis Embankment, Ormeau Road.

Ravenhill Road

Assemble at 07.00am at Knocknagoney Park, Knocknagoney Road, to then arrive via bus at Ravenhill Road before travelling along Ravenhill Road, Albertbridge Road and Templemore Avenue to join main parade.

Albertbridge Road

Assemble at 0800am at The Mount, travel along Castlereagh Street, Albertbridge Road and Templemore Ave.

The return parade will start at 6.30pm move along the Albertbridge Road, Castlereagh Street and disperse at The Mount.



The main Down area parade is to take place in the Dundrum village this year. The main Road between Clough through Dundrum and into Newcastle will be closed from 10:30am until 2:30pm and again from 3:30pm until 6:30pm. All traffic will be diverted via Castlewellan.

Traffic in Downpatrick will experience disruption throughout the day as feeder parades gather to go to the main parade in Dundrum. It is not anticipated that any roads will be closed.


The annual 12th July parade will take place in Bangor on Friday 12 July. Traffic can expect disruption periodically throughout the day. Feeder Parades will commence from 7:30am onwards within the North Down area.

The parade will move along the following route at approximately 11:45am:

Hamilton Road, Donaghadee Road, High Street, Bridge Street, Lower Main Street, Upper Main Street, Abbey Street, Newtownards Road, Abbey Hill Drive (Into Field in Valentines)

Return Parade at approximately 4.30pm

Abbey Hill Drive (Out of Field in Valentines), Newtownards Road, Abbey Street, Upper Main Street, Lower Main Street, Bridge Street, High Street, Bingham Street, Mills Road, Hamilton Road, Park Drive, Castle Street, Gransha Road, Bloomfield Rd



Police in Newtownabbey are advising motorists of traffic disruption in the Glengormley area on Friday July 12th.

Officers are advising that the main Antrim Road along with the O’Neill Road and Ballyclare Road will be closed to all but pedestrian traffic between approximately 11am and 1pm and again between 3.30pm and 5pm. The lower part of the O’Neill Road from Valley Park down to the roundabout will remain closed to vehicular traffic all day.

Police are also advising that there will be no access to the Colinbridge, Glenwell and Vaddegan areas from the Antrim Road during the times when the road closure is in place however local access arrangements will be implemented for residents.

To lessen any possible congestion in the village a number of designated carparks have been identified to accommodate the expected influx of vehicles. A temporary car park will be available in a field opposite Valley Park. This will be signposted and marshalled on the day.

Car parking is also available at the Valley Leisure Centre and disabled car parking will be provided in Lillian Bland Park, Carnmoney.

Those attending the demonstration are advised to arrive early to allow time for parking.



Signage has been erected on the outskirts of the village to advise motorists of diversionary routes. Car parking for spectators will be on the Grovehill Road accesses only via Lake Ends. The Southbound A1 off slip will be closed once the main parade commences. Further car parks can be found on the Legananny Road. A traffic calming measures will be implemented on the A1 both north/south bound on the approach to Loughbrickland closing down to one lane.


Signage has been erected on the outskirts of the village to advise motorists of alternative diversions. Car parking is available on the Ballymoyer Road, Old Mount Road, Old Road and Monaghan Road.

Traffic will not be permitted in either village from 0900 - 1200 & 1500 - 1800 hours. Carers/home help assistances will be facilitated as best possible.


Signage has been erected on the outskirts of both towns to advise motorists of alternative diversions.

Minor traffic disruptions will also occur in Armagh City, Portadown, Newry, Lurgan and Banbridge both in the morning and evening for the return parades.


Three major ‘Twelfth’ demonstrations will take place in South Tyrone and Fermanagh on Friday (July12th) and will lead to some traffic disruption.


In Augher, the parade moves off at 12noon. The processional route will be closed to traffic from 11am and local diversions will be in operation.


The Ballinamard parade gets underway at12.30pm. The processional route will be closed to traffic from 11.30am and diversions will be in operation.


The Castlecaufield parade will move off at 12noon. The processional route will be closed to traffic from 11am and diversions will be in operation.

Motorists are advised that most towns and villages will have feeder parades in the morning leading onto the main district parades. Motorists are advised to expect delays and allow extra time for their journey. People intending to go to the parades are asked to get to their places early, use official car parking, and follow the directions of marshals and police officers.



Donemana is hosting the annual County main 12th demonstration. Roads will be closed in the village between 11am and 6pm and traffic diversions will be in operation.


Flagship 12th – Londonderry

Parade Routes and Times

A number of bands will assemble at 09:30 hrs in John Street and parade into the Fountain via:- Carlisle Square & Wapping Lane.

At 9.45am further bands will assemble at the Fountain and parade to the Memorial Hall on Society Street via:- Wapping Lane > Carlisle Square > Carlisle Road > Ferryquay Street >The Diamond (anti-clockwise) >Bishop Street >Palace Street >Society Street.

10:00 hrs Memorial Hall, Society Street, assembly and parade to May Street via:- Society Street >Bishop Street >The Diamond (clock-wise) >Ferryquay Street >Carlisle Road >Carlisle Square >Craigavon Bridge >Spencer Road >Clooney Terrace >Glendermott Road >Bond Street >May Street.

11:30 hrs May Street (Main Parade) to move off at 12:00 noon sharp to Wilton Park on Limavady Road via:- Limavady Road >Dales Corner >Clooney Terrace >Spencer Road >Craigavon Bridge >Carlisle Road >Ferryquay Street >The Diamond (anti-clockwise) >Bishop Street >London Street >Hawkin Street >Kennedy Place >Kennedy Street >Wapping Lane >Craigavon Bridge >Spencer Road >Clooney Terrace >Glendermott Road >Bond Street >May Street >Limavady Road >Wilton Park.

Return Parade

4.15pm approximately Wilton Park, Limavady Road >May Street >Bond Street, Limavady, Macosquin and Coleraine Lodges (29 bands) will then turn left:- Glendermott Road, dispersal at Rossdowney Park (buses), the remainder will parade will turn right:- Glendermott Road >Clooney Terrace, No 2 District (3 bands) will turn left (Ulster Bank):- Union Street >Glendermott Road > dispersal at Rossdowney Park (buses), No 5 District (4 bands) will turn left (Ulster Bank):- Union Street >Glendermott Road >dispersal in Bond Street (buses). The remainder of the parade will continue along:- Clooney Terrace >Spencer Road, No 3 District (4 bands) will turn left on Victoria Road;- They will parade for several hundred yards and disperse at their awaiting buses, City of Londonderry Grand Orange Lodge officers and 3 “City Lodges” (4 bands) will continue along:- Craigavon Bridge >Carlisle Square >Carlisle Road >Ferryquay Street >The Diamond (clock-wise) >Bishop Street >Palace Street >Society Street to Memorial Hall, The City Grand Orange Lodge Officers will disperse at The Memorial Hall, Victoria and Britannia Lodges will continue into the Fountain via London Street >Hawkin Street >Kennedy Place, for dispersal at approximately 5.30pm.



Police are advising motorists of traffic diversions and delays in the Portglenone and Rasharkin areas on Friday 12th July. Traffic flow maybe restricted at various times during the main parades however traffic flow will be facilitated as soon as possible after the parades have passed each traffic point.