Two Belfast protests planned against Trump's 'Muslim ban'

United States president, Donald Trump
United States president, Donald Trump

Two protests against US president Donald Trump's controversial so-called 'Muslim ban' are being planned in Belfast this week.

On Thursday evening the United States Consulate in the Stranmillis area of the city will be the focal point for local people wanting to voice their opposition to Trump's decision to impose a temporary US travel ban on people from seven predominantly Muslim countries.

The move by Trump has sparked huge demonstrations across America. And throughout the United Kingdom, thousands protested on the streets of a string of cities, including Glasgow, Liverpool and London.

A Facebook page, 'Protest the Muslim ban! Liberty torch vigil at the US Consulate in Belfast', asks those attending to "help to send a message of opposition and resistance".

"These policies are an affront to American ideals and to human rights and human dignity," the social media page claims.

Organisers have asked participants to carry torches or candles instead of placards. The event has been promoted on Twitter by Amnesty International NI.

Another protest against Trump's decision, organised by Stop the War Coalition Belfast, is planned for Saturday at City Hall (2 pm).