UDA blamed for attack on house and cars in Newtownards


The South East Antrim UDA has been blamed for an attack on a house in which a brick narrowly missed hitting young children and a baby.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland said several houses and cars were attacked in Newtownards, Co Down on Wednesday night.

In a post on Facebook, the PSNI said that in one of the incidents large bricks were thrown through a front living room window, landing on furniture and narrowly missing young children.

“Had they been less fortunate glass and bricks would have landed in a pram with a young baby,” the post added.

The post, which appeared on the PSNI Ards Facebook page on Thursday, said officers believe that members of Newtownards-based South East Antrim UDA were responsible for the attacks.

“They may well give their own warped explanation of why these attacks take place but I’m not sure what they achieve by terrorising children and babies in the sanctuary of their own home,” the post said.

“These criminals skulk about in the hours of darkness terrorising local communities under the banner of South East Antrim UDA – they do this to control communities not help them.

“You can do your piece to fight back by calling Crimestoppers or by getting in touch via 101 or private message with any information you have.

“Only by the community speaking out against these criminals will you help the fight against them.”