Ulster band stayed at killer's pub

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AN ULSTER rock band last night described their visits to mass murderer Steve Wright's "hellish" former pub.

Belfast band The Dangerfields played three gigs in the Ferry Boat Inn in Norwich - in 2004, 2005 and 2006 - the year Wright began his unexplained killing spree.

Wright was yesterday sentenced to live out his days in prison by judge Mr Justice Gross, who described the killer as “macabre”.

The Dangerfields’ lead singer, Andrew Johnston - a News Letter columnist - said the band had found the venue unnerving, even before Wright was arrested.

Mr Johnston, 34, said: “I’ve never knowingly met Steve Wright - by the time we played there he had sold the pub to another man.

“But it was a dingy, grimy, hellish sort of place and it feels sinister that we were in such close proximity to a man like that.

“It looked like the sort of place no-one would want to go to and that it had a bit of a history.”

Mr Johnston said the band were told by the landlord who followed Mr Wright in owning the now-derelict pub that it was haunted.

“We slept there and he locked us in the poolroom overnight. We were there until the cleaners came to open up in the morning and if there had been a fire or something it would obviously have been very dangerous.

“It was remarkably desolate, but it was still a shock when I was watching the TV coverage of the trial and realised it was the pub where we had played.

“We’ve played about 800 gigs since we formed in 2000, but the band used to joke about the Ferry Boat as one of the worst venues we’d visited.”