Ulster to bask in rising temperatures

Warm weather is on the way
Warm weather is on the way

Temperatures are set to rise in Northern Ireland with most of the Province set to bask in 22C.

Met Office forecaster Frazer Ralston said: “This is going to be a good week for most of the province, but not quite a heat wave apart from Monday”.

The forecaster said: “You are in for a reasonably good spell of weather. Today (Sunday) it will still be quite cloudy with a few light showers around but generally it will become warmer and brighter through the afternoon and evening.

“It should see 20/21 degrees by the end of the afternoon and feel quite warm.

“There is an outside chance of a heavy shower this evening but most place will miss that.”

He added that on Monday temperatures were going to hit around 21 degrees around the Province.

“I would say from Lough Neagh westwards it will be very pleasant,” he added. “Tomorrow will be a cracking day. The east of the Province will not be as warm but it will still be very pleasant and above what we expect.

“On Tuesdsay there will be a little cloud around, but I think the north coast and up into Derry will be dry with good sunny spells.

“It may not be as good as Monday but it will still reach around 19/20 degrees.

“Over south Down and Armagh it may tend to cloud up and there is a chance of showers on and off.

“And into Wednesday it will be cooler but still around 19 degrees.

“South Down/Armagh will be more prone to thicker cloud and showers.”

Mr Ralston said at the end of the week “it will still be dry but not as sunny”.

“Thursday could be 16 degrees and down to 14 degrees by Friday, but it will still be dry,” he added.

“This is going to be good week on the whole for Northern Ireland, not quite a heat wave apart from tomorrow but it slowly drops away after that.”