Union flag erected by Linfield fans at Dublin stadium

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There has been a call for an inquiry after Linfield fans erected a Union flag at a Dublin football stadium following a match in the Irish capital on Monday night.

It was reported that two fans were detained following the incident in which a flare was said to have been fired in the direction of a Garda officer.

Sectarian songs were also reported to have been sung at the Linfield versus Shamrock Rovers game, including The Billy Boys and IRA chants.

Sinn Fein councillor Oliver McMullan told the Irish News he would be calling for an inquiry.

“Sectarianism has no place in football anywhere else and should not be tolerated by either soccer clubs or the IFA,” he said.

“Given the clarity of the footage there should be no problem in the IFA identifying those involved and sanctioning them for their behaviour.”

A spokesman for Linfield said: “Any incidents reported by our won stewards will be investigated in-house.”