Unionists vow to maintain pressure over Corbyn ‘IRA links’

Jeremy Corbyn has 'close IRA links' the Daily Telegraph claims
Jeremy Corbyn has 'close IRA links' the Daily Telegraph claims

Unionists have vowed to “continue to highlight” Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s former ‘association’ with the IRA.

Speaking after a Daily Telegraph investigation claimed to reveal the “close IRA links” of Mr Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell, UUP MP Tom Elliott said “there can be no more hiding from Jeremy Corbyn on what his stance is on the IRA”.

“The revelations in the Daily Telegraph are extraordinary,” he added.

“The number and scale of comments over the years is significant. Many may have believed there were a small number of interventions in support of Irish republicans from the new Labour leader and his shadow chancellor, however, few imagined the vast level of deep support for the murdering actions of the IRA that has emerged from past actions of Mr Corbyn.

“The comments are beneath contempt and will come as a slap in the face for victims of IRA terror.”

Mr Elliott called on the pair “to make a very clear public statement” on their “current view of the terrorist campaign”.

“We have requested meetings with Jeremy Corbyn to discuss his stance on Northern Ireland,” he said.

And DUP MP Nigel Dodds said his party “will continue to highlight Corbyn’s IRA track record”.

He said: “For our part in Parliament we intend to ensure that everyone is aware of the track record of the Labour leader on these issues.”