Unique photo collection provides insight to life at Kilwaughter Castle

A rare opportunity to get a feel for what life was like inside a castle will be afforded visitors to a Larne exhibition this month.

Monday, 4th March 2019, 2:40 pm
Updated Monday, 4th March 2019, 2:45 pm
Friends of Elizabeth Shipley Bringhurst Galt Smith 1904. Photographs from the collection held at the University of Delaware, who have kindly given permission to use the images taken at the turn of the nineteenth century.

Peter Steele, one of organisers of the exhibition, takes up the story: “Kilwaughter Castle is situated near Millbrook on the main Larne/ Ballymena A36 road.

“Castles and their histories have a intriguing fascination to those of us interested in the past.

“The upsurge of television programmers and filmmakers using existing castles as a backdrops to storylines has increased peoples curiosity.

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Servants at Kilwaughter.

“What was it really like inside those amazing buildings? How did the people who lived there get through the days?

“There is an exhibition of one such castle taking place in the Larne Library on Saturday 9th March, and run until Saturday 30th March.

“This is a chance to learn about the real people who lived and worked in Kilwaughter Castle. There will be hundreds of actual photographs to see and perhaps you can put names to the faces of bygone parlour maids and cooks and gardeners.

“Personal correspondence and some private letters that have survived the ravage of time will be on display at the exhibition.

Elizabeth Bessie Shipley Bringhurst Galt Smith 1913.

“This exhibition is free so don’t miss this rare opportunity to step back in time.

“The photographic collection is the property of Delaware University USA. We thank them for their kind permission to display this collection of photographs.”

Entrance hall, Kilwaughter 1892.
Gate to Kilwaughter 1900.
Gatekeeper's wife at Kilwaughter gatehouse 1900.
Kilwaughter west facade 1895.
Servants 1900.
Bessie and John Galt Smith at Kilwaughter 1895.
Oak hall, Kilwaughter, 1895.