UUCP members jump ship

FOUR members of the Ulster Unionist Coalition Party will are to be redesignated as members of the Traditional Unionist Voice.

Alderman James Alexander, who had been a member of the Democratic Unionist Party and changed to the UUCP two years ago, will be redesignated along with three other members at meeting of Ballymena Borough Council.

The other members expected to be redesignated are Alderman Roy Gillespie, Councillor Samuel Gaston and Councillor Robin Stirling.

The two remaining members of the UUCP on Ballymena council are Councillor William Wilkinson and Councillor David Tweed.

Mr Alexander said he and other UUCP members had been thinking about the move "for some time".

"We support what Jim Allister is doing in the Traditional Unionist Voice.

"We take the same stance and agree with his principles."

Mr Alexander, who will be leading the group, said he and the other councillors were going to be working for the party as councillors from their homes.