UUP men hit out at Kenny over victims

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TWO senior Ulster Unionists have renewed their criticism of Taoiseach Enda Kenny for his “continued procrastination” in meeting IRA victims.

Former UUP leader Tom Elliott and the party’s Executive minister, Danny Kennedy, challenged the Irish premier to meet Ulster victims of the Troubles.

In recent months unionists have become increasingly vocal about the Republic’s role in the Troubles and accused Dublin of double standards in calling for an inquiry into the death of murdered solicitor Pat Finucane while refusing to meet victims.

Mr Kennedy said: “It is now almost one year since I first sought a meeting on behalf of the Kingsmills and other victims with Mr Kenny. I was assured at that time that he would participate in such a meeting.

“Colleagues and I have made several further queries with the Irish Government officials, the Tánaiste and directly to the Taoiseach for such a meeting. While we are assured every time that this will happen, Mr Kenny has failed to honour his commitment.”

Mr Elliott said: “It appears that Mr Kenny is prepared to go to any lengths to support the Finucane family.

“However, when it comes to other victims of the Troubles in Northern Ireland like Kingsmills, Enniskillen and Omagh all he gives is hallow commitments and promises that he doesn’t honour.”