UUP won’t oppose Lady Sylvia Hermon in North Down race

Lady Sylvia Hermon
Lady Sylvia Hermon

The UUP is not standing against the outgoing MP Lady Syliva Hermon in North Down in the forthcoming general election, owing to her “previous links” to the party.

North Down UUP MLA Alan Chambers said he “fully endorsed” his party’s decision. His party leader, Robin Swann MLA, said: “Given Sylvia`s previous links to the Ulster Unionist Party, and the fact that North Down is a unique constituency, the party decided to withdraw.

“Sylvia has enjoyed overwhelming support as the Member of Parliament for North Down.”

Lady Hermon, the widow of former RUC Chief Constable Sir John Hermon, had been an Ulster Unionist MP for North Down from 2001 until 2010, when she was re-elected as an independent. She made the decision to stand as an independent over the UUP’s alliance with the Conservative Party.

Opposing Lady Hermon will be the DUP candidate Alex Easton, a sitting MLA for North Down.

The SDLP, meanwhile, have announced candidates for all 18 constituencies in Northern Ireland and are fielding Caoímhe McNeill in North Down.