Victims group to picket McGuinness campaign

A REPRESENTATIVE for victims of republican terrorism has vowed to picket the Irish presidential campaign of former IRA leader Martin McGuinness.

“Now is the opportunity for the people of the South to show us they don’t want terrorists,” said Willie Frazer, of Co Armagh victims’ group FAIR.

In 2006 republican rioters in Dublin disrupted a parade he helped organise through the Irish capital by Protestant victims of IRA terrorism.

“We were told it was only a small minority of Irish people involved in that rioting,” said Mr Frazer.

“If the people of the South want a terrorist to represent them around the world as their president then heaven help them.

“We will definitely picket the main Sinn Fein election events – especially in Dublin. We will focus on the main high-profile events to make the people in Dublin aware of the issues,” he said,

“If he succeeds he will use it against the people of Northern Ireland.”

Mr Frazer said the Sinn Fein strategy to use the position would entail Mr McGuinness spending most of his time in Northern Ireland in high-profile activities in order to present Northern Ireland as part of a united Ireland.

“He will use it to drive this point home,” he added.

Mr Frazer said he was not impressed by reports that Mr McGuinness would be happy to meet the Queen and discuss his IRA past if he was elected.

“Sinn Fein are always happy to do something if they can achieve something from it,” he said.

“But why could he not have met the Queen and discussed his IRA past before now?”