Victims of Libyan terrorism urged to work together

THE former police partner of a constable murdered outside the Libyan embassy in London wants to link up with IRA victims who are also campaigning for justice.

John Murray was a PC in the Metropolitan Police working alongside Yvonne Fletcher when she was fatally hit by gunfire in 1984.

This week, Mr Murray contacted the News Letter after reading about IRA victims from London and Northern Ireland handing in letters to Downing Street. The victims were appealing to David Cameron to ensure a speedy resolution to compensation offers from Libya for victims of Gaddafi-sponsored IRA terrorism.

In 1984, the two police constables were called to a demonstration outside the Libyan Embassy in London.

“I looked around and Yvonne was lying on the ground 5-6ft away from me, writhing in pain, but I couldn’t see anything wrong,” said Mr Murray.

But she had been hit by automatic gunfire from the embassy itself.

“She said her tummy was hurting. I said to her not to worry, that we would find whoever did this.”

Though doctors expected her to be fine, she died that night during surgery.

While carrying her coffin, Mr Murray whispered the same promise to her: “We will get whoever did this to you.”

A police investigation found DNA and fingerprints at the spot of the shooting – and fingerprints on bullet cases, he says. There were three suspects.

“Every year after that I pressed the Met, the Foreign Office and the Home Office on the investigation. I was always told they were doing what they could but that the Gaddafi regime would not cooperate.”

Last September, he travelled to Libya with a BBC team where he met the vice chairman of the National Transitional Council, Abdul Hafiz Ghoga.

“They cannot understand my government,” Mr Murray said.

“It used to be the UK Government said they were trying to resolve the issues but the Libyan Government was being obstructive. Now it is the Libyan government saying they are trying to resolve the situation but the UK Government is being obstructive.

“I think Yvonne Fletcher, the Lockerbie bombing and victims of Libyan weapons supplied to the IRA are all connected; they all stem from the same thing – Libyan terrorism.

“So I am writing to Lockerbie victims and also trying to make contact with IRA victims in Belfast.

“We are all getting nowhere on our own so I think if we all work together we can press David Cameron to hold an inquiry into what has been happening.”