Victims of loyalists and IRA sue UK and Dublin

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Plans by victims of the Dublin-Monaghan bombings to sue the UK government for collusion have been answered by border Protestants vowing to sue the Dublin government for supporting the IRA.

It was revealed yesterday that relatives of 33 people killed in loyalist bombings of Dublin-Monaghan of 1974 are suing the British Government over alleged collusion with those responsible.

Derek Byrne, who survived the Dublin bomb and Patrick Askin, whose father Paddy was killed in Monaghan, are leading the action over the worst single day of atrocities in the Troubles, when 33 were killed and 300 injured.

Kevin Winters, solicitor for the group, said the lawsuit was being taken to seek discovery of documents that would support allegations of collusion between loyalist bombers and the British state.

He said: “This legal action is taken against a background of a series of previous attempts by the families to seek justice. It presents as the latest stage in their battle against many levels of state intransigence and indifference to their plight.” The lawsuit claims collusion, malfeasance, negligence and conspiracy to murder.

Southern Foreign Affairs Minister Eamon Gilmore yesterday called for the UK to let a judge access intelligence files on the bombings.

“As the (Irish) Government have stated consistently, there can be no hierarchy of victims. We hold fast to this principle,” Mr Gilmore said.

But IRA victim Willie Frazer responded that the Irish government is “in for a shock as it is about to be the recipient of a writ issued by border Protestants which accuses it of providing a safe haven for IRA terrorists for the past 40 years”.

He said the Irish government refused to extradite some 80 terrorist suspects on “political grounds”.

The Irish Taoiseach met the Kingsmills victims in 2012 when he made a number of promises, he added.

“To date he has failed to honour anything he said during that meeting. So much for Mr Kenny and the Irish government’s commitment to truth and justice for the victims of IRA terrorism.”