Video: Cameron wrong to be bounced into in/out EU referendum, says Alex Attwood

SDLP European election candidate Alex Attwood has condemned Prime Minister David Cameron for being “bounced” into agreeing to allow the UK public to vote directly on Britain’s membership of the European Union.

But Mr Attwood, who is one of the most staunchly pro-EU candidates in Thursday’s election, said that he firmly believed in remaining within the European Union.

SDLP Euro candidate Alex Attwood

SDLP Euro candidate Alex Attwood

The former Stormont minister said that to leave the EU would be damaging for farmers and other businesses.

Asked about a referendum, Mr Attwood said: “We think it was a strategic error for David Cameron to be bounced by UKIP into agreeing to a referendum.”

However, he added: “We don’t oppose the principle of referendum. We oppose the fact that David Cameron, because he was running after Eurosceptics, both in UKIP and his own party, was bounced into agreeing a referendum principle.”