Video - Donald Trump shakes hands with Sinn Fein leader months before IRA Canary Wharf bomb

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump enjoyed a Sinn Fein fundraising dinner not long before the IRA ended its ceasefire in 1996.

Mr Trump, who has taken a hard line against terrorism and adopted a fierce anti-Muslim stance as he seeks to win the Republican nomination, is captured on film laughing and shaking hands with Gerry Adams.

Donald Trump.

Donald Trump.

Trump and Adams met in the Essex Hotel in Manhattan at an event organised by the US-based Friends of Sinn Fein.

Guests, including Trump, were charged a $200 entry fee to hear Adams speak about the Northern Ireland peace process.

But just months later the IRA ended its ceasefire with a huge bomb in London’s Docklands on February 9, 1996. Two men working in a nearby newsagents were killed in the massive explosion, which caused £100m in damage to the Canary Wharf/South Quay district.

As well as paying the $200 entry fee, business leaders and other donors, including a number of US celebrities, were asked to give donations to Friends of Sinn Féin.

During his speech, Mr Adams even joked about Sinn Féin playing the “Trump card” from a podium close to where the businessman sat.